Eastern International Ad. is an Integrated Marketing Communications Agency

東方國際廣告   整合行銷傳播規劃


Integrating Strategies Through Integrity, Empathy, And Creativity To Create Solutions That Are Embraced By Our Clients And Their Consumers.




In 1958, Eastern Advertising was established as the first advertising agency in Taiwan. After 60 years of outstanding service we became Eastern International Ad. in 2014. We may have changed our name, but we still have the same passion and perseverance we had when we started.

Through our account planning and creative departments, Eastern International Ad. provides clients with rigorous integrated marketing communications strategies. Our one-stop marketing communications services aid efficient communication between clients and vendors to respond swiftly to ever-changing markets.

The resources available to Eastern International Ad. within the Eastern Advertising family mean we are able to speedily respond to any of our clients’ marketing queries. We gain insight into audiences through inter-disciplinary research and then our experienced account planning and creative teams develop the best solutions for our clients. In today’s complex and diverse media landscape, we find the best channels to communicate our clients’ messages. 

Our rich experience in advertising comes not only from our commitment and hard work, but from the trust our clients have placed in us over the years. We hope to not only share our previous successful campaigns with you, but also allow you to experience our tailor-made services for yourself.

東方廣告公司創辦人溫春雄   Founder of Eastern Advertising, Wen, Chun-Hsiung    


Founder of Eastern Advertising, Wen, Chun-Hsiung







在集團運作上,東方國際廣告背後的行銷資源豐富,得以隨時整合運用;客戶端的行銷問題,由集團內資源交叉研究, 透過消費者洞察的業務企劃與資深創意,研擬出最佳解決方案;並能因應現今的媒體狂潮,從中建議選擇最佳的傳播管道。








Eastern Ad.

Eastern International Ad. is part of the Eastern Advertising group. With the help of our partners we can fulfill any marketing needs that our clients may have.




Branded Content Marketing - Media Planning And Purchasing

BCM Media helps find interfaces between brand assets, media content, and consumer behavior; helping brands become forms of information, entertainment, and intelligence, and so assimilate directly into consumer lives. Brands are no longer background noise in the lives of consumers but can create consumer engagement and establish long-term interaction.

倍盛美傳媒  - 媒體企劃與採購

倍盛美傳媒從品牌資產、媒體內容與消費者行為間找到操作的介面,讓品牌可以是資訊、可以是娛樂、可以是情報, 直接融入消費者的生活中。品牌不再是消費者生活中的雜訊, 可以創造消費者的參與度並建立長遠的互動關係。



Eastern Online

Eastern Online is Taiwan's leading consumer lifestyle and consumer marketing research consultant. Eastern Online has been tracking the long-term changes in Taiwanese consumer lifestyles through the annual E-ICP survey since 1988. Published annually, it is one of the most anticipated marketing research reports in Taiwan.


東方線上(Eastern Online),台灣知名「消費者生活型態與消費者市場研究」顧問。自1988年起以E-ICP東方消費者行銷資料庫長期追蹤台灣消費生活型態變化,每年定期發表台灣「趨勢研究」成果。


Eastern Online Subsidiaries



EOL social - Social Media Insight

EOL social combines Eastern Online’s rich consumer lifestyle and market research with research of more than 6,700 Chinese language websites and tracking of channel content, to provide advice on online consumer habits and integrated analysis services. EOL social monitors and explores issues related to consumer lifestyle and provides further insight and recommendations to clients.

東方社群  - 網路社群洞察



EOL Embrain - Online consumer research

EOL Embrain uses online consumer surveys to provide clients with rapid and efficient Internet research services. EOL Embrain was established in 2008 through a partnership between Eastern Online and Embrain (now known as Macromillembrain), the world-renowned South Korean Internet research company.

東方快線  - 消費者線上調查研究

東方快線透過消費者線上調查研究提供客戶更快速、效率的網路調查服務。EOL Embrain東方快線為「東方線上」與韓國全球知名網路調查公司「Embrain(現為Macromillembrain)」於2008年在台灣創立之市場研究


EOL Shanghai - Online Consumer Research

EOL Shanghai is a subsidiary of Eastern Online focused on qualitative and quantitative research of consumer behavior and lifestyle in mainland China, providing clients with consumer insight and innovative solutions to help clients find and grasp opportunities.

上海東漾 - 消費者線上調查研究